Here's some avenues where you can reach out to (or just follow) me.

Email: <hello> @ <this domain>

Sorry for not linking it. It's due to the spambots. Anyway, emailing me is the easiest way to reach out to me. If you reach out and are polite, I'm polite to you and respond withing a couple of days.


I'm fairly new to the fediverse, but I like it so far. Never been big on the more commercial social media platforms. I'm still learning the ropes of Mastodon but I'm becoming more active and check in on a daily basis.

LinkedIn: /in/nikokultalahti

LinkedIn has long been the main social media due to work related matters and opportunities. It's a great way to reach out to me if you'd prefer not to use email. You can expect fairly quick response time if you decide to reach out.