My Default Apps Late 2023

There seems to be quite a trend going on with people listing their default apps. Apparently it all got started from a podcast episode Duel of the Defaults by Hemispheric Views. I must admit I have yet to listen this episode but I will definitely get to it.

I wanted to jump in this trend myself so here's my current (as of November 2023) list of my default apps for various categories. Personally I am heavily invested in Apple ecosystem, however at work we use Google Workspace. I've listed the apps I use both personally and at work in categories where it makes sense.

  • Mail Client: (at work Gmail)
  • Mail Server: iCloud with custom domain (at work Gmail)
  • Notes: (at work Google Keep)
  • To-Do: (at work
  • iPhone Photo Shooting:
  • Photo Management:
  • Calendar: (at work Google Calendar)
  • Cloud File Storage: iCloud (at work Google Drive)
  • RSS: Reeder 5 with iCloud as backend (recently migrated from News Explorer)
  • Contacts:
  • Browser: Safari, Chrome for development (and at work)
  • Chat: Signal, Telegram, iMessage (at work Slack)
  • Bookmarks: Safari bookmarks (at work Chrome bookmarks)
  • Read It Later: Reeder 5 (recently migrated from Goodlinks)
  • Word Processing: iA Writer & Apple Pages (at work Google Docs)
  • Spreadsheets: Apple Numbers (at work Google Sheets)
  • Presentations: n/a (at work Google Slides)
  • Shopping Lists: Shared Reminders List via Mela
  • Meal Planning: n/a
  • Personal Finance: n/a
  • Budgeting: n/a
  • News: RSS, Mastodon
  • Music: Apple Music
  • Podcasts: Apple Podcast
  • Password Management: 1Password (recently migrated from Bitwarden)

There are few categories I would like to add:

As you can see, I'm quite heavily using the default apps where I can. In other categories I've tried to find the apps that work the best for me.