Tech ecosystem dilemma

Once again, I’m considering if I should entirely change my personal tech stack, both in terms of hardware and software.

This is a thought that I tend to revisit often. Actually following through, not so often.

I have had a habit of making 180 degree turns and moving to an entirely different ecosystem roughly every two years. It’s been somewhat of a joke for my friends. And a source of frustration for my wife.

Usually, I’ve shuffled between:

  • All in Apple: iPhone, MacBook, iCloud
  • All in Google: Pixel phone, Chromebook, Google Workspace (not a fan of Google’s free software offering due to privacy stuff)

Additionally, I’ve usually bought/subscribed to other hardware/software by Apple/Google.

Right now, I’m in my longest streak (I think going on 5th year) in one ecosystem. Currently, that’s Apple’s, for which I’m heavily (and quite happily) heavily invested in.

In the past few years, I’ve become (even) more and different ways interested in tech. Especially privacy related matters and open/source software has become a big new interest of mine.

As a result, I’ve noticed there might be other options as well in for my hardware and software needs. That being said, I’d be really interested in trying the following setup:

  • Framework laptop with Linux
  • Pixel phone flashed with GrapheneOS
  • Managed Nextcloud hosting or Synology at home for storing and syncing data (files, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes etc.)

I have some reservations/concerns/questions for this setup:

  • Is any fitness / health tracker compatible with GrapheneOS?
  • Can GrapheneOS be used as a daily (and only) driver?
  • Is Nextcloud good or shit? It seems popular in the open-source community, but at the same time, people often seem to think it is garbage.
  • Is Synology / NAS a poor choice for a home with (regularly shitty) 4G internet connection?

All this goes either facts that Framework is not shipping to Finland and I have never used GrapheneOS or anything by Synology. I have played around with Nextcloud a bit via Hetzner’s Storage Share managed hosting.

In any case, the possible switch and migration to an entirely new setup would feel and be much more laborious than before. As said, not only I’m currently deeper in the Apple ecosystem than ever with family sharing and employer-provided hardware, I have much less spare time on my hands to pull off these kinds of stunts in a timely manner.