30 Day Challenge: No Added Sugar

I recently did a 30-day challenge, during which I didn’t eat nor drink anything that contained any of the following:

  • added sugar
  • cyrup
  • honey

To clarify, eating fruit and berries was completely OK even though they contain fructose.

Here’s what I found our during and after the 30 days:

  1. It was not that much of a challenge to refrain from eating sweets
  2. Surprisingly many thing you can buy from a grocery store has added sugar in it
  3. Avoiding added sugar lowered body weight and reduced body-fat a little bit
  4. I felt a bit better (both about myself and the way I live, as well as in terms of energy) during the challenge

The best finding though was that I do not grave for sweets as much as I did before the challenge. In fact, eating sweets does seem to easily make me feel a bit nauseated.

I have ended up paying more attention to my sugar consumption after the challenge. However, I have not completely cut added sugar out of my life as I occasionally do allow myself having, for example, some chocolate. I feel this is for me a more sensible and easier approach to maintain than 100 % avoidance of sweets for the rest of my life.

Good is better than perfect.