Back on Ghost CMS

It took a few weeks after I remembered why I don’t like Wordpress. That being said, I’m back on Ghost CMS.

First, Wordpress, it’s too big (for me). I have had to use it previously for work. I didn’t like it then, don’t like it now. It just feels heavy and too bloated for me.

Secondly, the editor. I’m sure the block-editor is great for someone intimate with it. I’m not one of those people. I’m greatly confused by all the blocks/patterns/templates. I don’t understand what elements the pages/posts consist of and what I should be editing.

Thirdly, plugins. I’m not sure if one is able to use Wordpress without any plugins. By the least, I was missing two-factor authentication for the admin login. That’s where the hell began. There’s shit ton of plugins to choose from with without knowing which you should go for.

The most popular ones offer 67+ extra features to the one you’re after. All of them offer some of those for free, the most are paid for. You know this because you are greeted with ads on the plugin’s options menu if you dared to install it. Repeat this for each individual feature you are missing.

That being said, I’m now back on Ghost CMS. This time, however, I’ve self-hosted this on Hetzner Cloud (instead of managed hosting). It was a nice learning experience. I followed this guide on Hetzner which was a huge help. Self-hosting this I need to find a way to backup this site if things go sideways for a reason or another. If there's any suggestions on how to do this, I'm happy to hear it.

There's still quite a bit work to do with the site to get things the way I want. I tried to set up local development environment for Ghost but was not able to get it working properly (yet).