Web-based tools - from the Dock or as browser tabs?

I’ve been using Google Workspace tools for several years now mainly due to my work at Gapps. I’ve always struggled with whether to use them from the Dock or as browser tabs on my Macbook. I’ve tried both approaches, but I keep switching between the two approach.

I like using the tools from the Dock because it’s convenient, familiar and it’s easy to cmd-tab my way around the apps. But the (digital) minimalist in me wants to keep things clean; the idea of a serene, peaceful (and beautiful?) workspace compells me to keep the Dock as tidy as possible.

With that in mind, there’s a somewhat endearing organization when I use apps through the browser. It feels right, keeping all the web-based tools in the same space. But unfortunately, hopping between browser tabs to do my work does not feel intuitive.

My current setup is somewhat of a hybrid; Google Chrome, Slack and monday.com in the Dock. In Chrome, I have pinned tabs for:

  • Hub (intranet based on Happeo)
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Keep
  • Hubspot

We’ll see how that goes.

How do you use your web-based productivity tools? Do you prefer them alongside other apps in your dock, or do you keep everything in your browser tabs? Have you found the sweet spot, a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality?