Yearly Review 2020

It’s been odd and challenging year. I been thinking about doing it earlier but I guess this year finally warranted it. This is my first proper yearly review.

Year in numbers

Being quite interested in quantified-self movement, I tend to collect relatively much data about my life which I aggregate into Gyroscope. Here’s some numbers that I think are worth noting:

  • I took 2,9 million steps
  • I worked out 132 times
  • I spent 215 hours in virtual meetings
  • I was at the office 12 times, in total of 105 hours
  • I meditated 115 times, in total of 1031 minutes (17,13 hours)

What went well?

  • Travelled through Peru and visite Machu Picchu
  • Spent a lot of time with parents as I lived 8 month with them at my hometown, away from Helsinki due to COVID19
  • All the people I’m close to have been staying safe, myself included
  • Bought a car (with 500 €) during the spring which significantly made life easier
  • Proposed my (then) girlfriend at 3000 meters above the sea on top of Machu Picchu mountain. She said yes.
  • Started to plan wedding for 2021
  • I wrote in my journal every single day
  • Managed well at work, all things considered
  • Got my wisdom tooth removed. Only 3 more to go. Joy.
  • Tried frisbee golf for the first time
  • Applied to Hive Helsinki and I’m quite far in the process
  • Changed bank and got considerable financial benefits from doing so
  • After a rough year the passion and excitement towards the work I do sparked up again

What didn’t go so well?

  • Did not take enough time for myself
  • Felt quite distracted throughout the year due to the reason above
  • Not able to see and spend much time with friends due to global pandemic
  • Remote work caused some anxiety about my own performance and role at work
  • Although somewhat active, not working out as much as I would have wanted
  • Not reading as much as I would have wanted
  • Not meditating as much as I would have wanted
  • The application process at Hive Helsinki is on hold due to the pandemic
  • Was not able to celebrate the engagement with friends to to the pandemic

What did I learn?

  • I thought working remotely all the time wouldn’t affect me negatively. I was wrong.
  • I keep missing the country side more and more, while losing affinity towards the Helsinki
  • I need clearer and better goals for myself this year
  • I got a green card for golf
  • Learned to drive motor boat so I confidently go to our summer cabin by myself
  • Still quite interested in development and could consider it as a another/new career for myself
  • While being diplomatic and flexible serves me often quite well, I need to have a stronger opinions and take a firmer stand on matters, even though I might not initially feel like it at that time

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